Additional Program Requirements

Once admitted to the program, students need to meet the following additional program requirements:

Year Specific Requirements

Upon Program Admission

All students offered admission to the Dietetics Major must complete a criminal record check (CRC) through the Province of BC's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). The deadline to submit the CRC application and associated fee will be specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants. Note: The program will receive the results of your CRC check directly from the CRRP at a later date. The stated deadline is for the CRC application and fee submission only . All admission offers are considered conditional until the program receives a satisfactory criminal records check. See program Policy 1.02 for more details.

All students must complete a new CRC, regardless of whether a CRC has been completed in the past. The CRC covers an individual for 5 years; therefore the CRC will be valid for students through all years of study in the program, including Year 5 Internship.

Instructions to complete an online CRC application

  1. Use the following link to access the Criminal Record Check application online:
  2. Read through the criteria on the main page to determine if you meet the requirements to proceed with an online application. If you meet the criteria, proceed to step 3 here. If you do not meet the listed criteria, refer to the information below for 'Individuals ineligible to complete an online CRC application'.
  3. Use the UBC Dietetics Program Access Code: LELE55LT5Y.
  4. Select “Request a New Criminal Record Check” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill out the Applicant Information section. For “Position with organization,” fill in “student”.
  6. Answer the personal security questions.
  7. You will then be directed to the payment page where you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable fee.

Individuals ineligible to complete an online CRC application

  1. If you do not meet the listed criteria for an online CRC application, you will be required to complete a paper copy of the Consent to a Criminal Record Check form. Fill in the form as follows:
    • Page 1:
      • PART 1: Use your full legal name. Ensure your Birth Date is correct.
      • PART 2: This section is complete, leave Section B blank.
      • PART 3: Leave blank.
      • Signature: Do not forget to sign AND date
    • Page 2: This page is for reference purposes only. The checklist is optional.
  2. Drop off or mail in your original (no photocopies) Consent to a Criminal Record Check form along with your ID verification.
    • ID verification requirement: The program is required to verify the ID of each applicant against the consent form information. When handing in this form, be sure to bring a piece of ID that can be used to verify the information on the consent form. Please use a Canadian driver’s license if you have one. Send a photocopy of both sides of your ID if mailing in.
    • Fee payment: Please ensure your email address is included on the form. You will be contacted via email by the Criminal Records Review Program for payment options.
    • Forms can be either mailed or hand delivered to Tamar Kafka. To hand deliver, email to make an appointment. To mail, send to: Attn: Tamar Kafka, FNH 230 – 2205 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
    • Note: The original Consent to a Criminal Record Check form and ID must be RECEIVED by the date outlined in your admissions email.

Further information about the Criminal Record Check can be found on the Province of BC website.

If you have any questions, please contact Tamar Kafka (

As part of the admissions requirements, all students are required to purchase UBC student accident insurance for the full length of the program upon admission to the Dietetics Major. Refer to program Policy 1.03 for details. This will cover students in the event of accidents in student activities in non-classroom settings. The deadline to submit the insurance fee will be specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants.

Instructions to Obtain Student Accident Insurance:

Pay the $21 ($7 per year for 3 years) non-refundable Student Accident Insurance fee online here, using assigned dietetics PIN#, by the deadline specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants.


To ensure students receive program communications, students should notify the Dietetics Program Leader or Dietetics Education Coordinator if they change any of their contact information.

For legal name changes, students need to update their legal name with UBC, as well as inform either the Dietetics Program Leader or Dietetics Education Coordinator.

Photos and videos may be taken as a part of course or extracurricular activities and used for promotional or other reasons (e.g. social media accounts, program website, program-related presentation slides). You may refuse your photo being taken at any time.

Complete the UBC Consent to Use of Image form as follows:

  • Name of coordinating unit: UBC Dietetics Major
  • Shoot date: suggest 'Current until program graduation'
  • Shoot location: suggest 'as applicable'
  • Name of photographer: suggest leave blank
  • Save the file in the following format: Student last name.Student first name.PhotoRelease.Grad year e.g.Smith.Jane.PhotoRelease.2021.
  • Email the completed and signed electronic version to the Administrative Support for Food Nutrition and Health at by the deadline specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants.

Year 3

Dietitians of Canada is the professional association for dietitians in Canada. All students are required to join as part of FNH 380 course requirements.

More information and application procedures are available on the Dietitians of Canada website.

All students in dietetics are required to obtain a FoodSafe Level 1 certificate prior to taking FNH 341 in year 3 and a FoodSafe Level 2 certificate prior to taking FNH 440 in Year 4. FoodSafe Level 2 can be more difficult to access than FoodSafe Level 1, so make plans in advance to take it by the required date.

Several local community continuing education agencies offer these courses. Course information can be found at Courses are sometimes offered on campus as well (student groups may arrange these courses as a fundraiser). Information will be forwarded as it becomes available.

Year 4

This is an annual activity that occurs in Year 4 of the program to match students to their internship core site.  Student placement preferences are considered, but cannot be guaranteed.  If the Core Site Ranking form is not submitted by the deadline, students will still be matched, however, preference will not be taken into consideration. Policy 1.01 outlines the specific process for core site matching.

Sessions are arranged in Year 4 to help students learn about the site matching process and the internship core sites. Site internship coordinators attend these session. Student attendance is highly recommended but not required. Additional core site information, including site profiles, are available to help inform core site ranking preferences and will be made available to Year 4 students prior to the site matching sessions.

Students are required to report any new criminal offences to the DEC, which may have occurred since completing the Criminal Record Check upon program admission. If no new offences, nothing is required to be sent to the DEC.

As stated in the academic calendar, and in alignment with Dietetics Program Policy 1.18, prior to the internship year, all students must submit proof of health authority-required immunizations. In order to ensure all health authority and Practice Education Guidelines for BC immunization guidelines and policies are met, all students, without exception, are required to have their immunization review completed through UBC Student Health Services.

The immunization review process requires students to:

  1. Read the Immunization Review Instructions for detailed explanations of each step in the review process.
  2. Complete the immunization review activities. Refer to the Immunization Review Instructions in step 1 above for full activity and deadline details. Highlights include:
    • December - February: Locate childhood and adult immunization records.
    • January: Book TWO appointments with a nurse at UBC Student Health Services.
    • March or April: Bring required documents to first UBC Student Health Services appointment (refer to the Immunization Review Instructions for list of required documents).
  3. Pay online for the immunization review, using assigned dietetics PIN#, by the April deadline as stated in the Immunization Review Instructions.

As part of UBC Dietetics Program Policy 1.04 and in accordance with Practice Education Guidelines for BC Respiratory Protection, health authority caregivers are required to wear fitted respiratory masks when observing or providing care to patients or clients who have suspected, known, or probable cases of airborne infections.  Respiratory mask fit testing for year 4 students and year 3 advanced placement students (with confirmed internship placements) will be done prior to internship.

Fit testing is on April 27, 2018 from 9:30am-1:30pm in room 300 of the Food Nutrition and Health building. All year 4 and year 3 advanced placement students must sign up for a time slot and submit payment by April 6, 2018. The cost of this process will be $27. In order to ensure all relevant guidelines and policies are met, all students, without exception, are required to have their fit testing completed through this process.

Upon completion of the testing you will be given documentation, which is required for internship by all health authorities.

This is a WorkSafeBC orientation that students are required to complete prior to the start of internship. Year 4 students will be notified when they need to complete the Bullying and Harassment Module.

Certificates of completion should be emailed to the FNH Front Desk Assistant.

Students will be required to complete the Pre-Internship Requirements Checklist  at the end of Year 4.  An email will be sent during Year 4 indicating when to complete the checklist.