Advanced Placement

The Program standardly admits incoming students to year 3, regardless of their past coursework.  We do not permit students who are ahead on course work to advance to year 4 status unless there are potential or confirmed early internship vacancies.

IMPORTANT: Approval for early promotion to year 4 status does not guarantee an internship position, as these are subject to availability.

To be considered for Advanced Placement (AP) eligibility, students need to be able to:
  1. Complete all required courses within one year without scheduling conflicts.
  2. Complete Year 4 additional program requirements.
  3. Accept any early internship position offered.

Typically, we are unable to accommodate all students who meet AP application requirements (it is unusual for us to approve more than 2-3 students per year). When we assess AP applicants, we give priority to those who are furthest ahead on coursework at the time of program entry.

The exact numbers of confirmed extra internship slots for the following year typically isn’t known immediately.  We aim to let students know by early February of the year of internship entry, but unexpected vacancies can occur up until the start of the internship year, so students may not be informed of their admission status until closer to the start of internship.

Key Dates/Activities

  • Late May: Program invites qualified incoming year 3 students to apply for AP eligibility.
  • Early June (date announced annually): Deadline for AP applications
  • Mid June: AP applicants are informed re the status of their AP application (approved or not approved for AP eligibility and early promotion to year 4)
  • Early February: Target date to inform AP eligible year 4 students of internship position availability (students informed by this date are able to participate in site matching procedures along with other year 4 students)
  • March-August: Inform AP eligible year 4 students of additional arising internship vacancies (students informed in this date range are required to accept a position at the site where the vacancy has arisen).