Volunteer & Paid Positions

The Dietetics Major maintains an email list called the UBC Food, Nutrition & Health Volunteer Listserv. This list was created to support prospective and current dietetics students to better understand and gain exposure to the dietetics profession. The objectives of the listserv are:

  • To share professionally-relevant volunteer and paid positions with current and prospective dietetics students.
  • To connect members of the dietetics profession with current and prospective dietetics students.
  • To communicate dietetics program related information to prospective students.

Instructions for Posting a Job or Volunteer Position

  • If you have an opportunity related to food, nutrition, and/or dietetics that would be suitable for students, you can submit a posting by completing our online posting form.
  • All postings are collected and sent to the listserv together, once per week.
  • Please note: A posting will not be distributed to the listserv if it is deemed unsuitable for students in Food, Nutrition, or Dietetics programs.
  • If an opportunity is better suited to students with other educational backgrounds, or if you wish to reach a wider student audience, you can submit a posting through UBC CareersOnline. Opportunities posted on UBC CareersOnline can only be accessed by current UBC students (log in required).

Information for Students

  • Subscribe to the UBC Food, Nutrition & Health Volunteer Listserv by clicking on the link below and entering your preferred email address. You may subscribe multiple times with different email addresses if you wish.
  • If you ever wish to unsubscribe from the listserv, you can do so by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of any email message you receive from the listserv.
  • Volunteer and paid positions submitted for the FNH Listserv will be screened for suitability, and sent to list subscribers weekly. Please note: You may receive several emails from the list on the same day, as postings are collected and sent to the list once per week.
  • Looking for other work and volunteer opportunities? Visit UBC CareersOnline (only available to current UBC students, log in required).