How to Apply

If you aren't already a student in this program, you must apply to UBC to enter the program, no later than January 15 in the year of application.

Prior to assembling your written application package, obtain a Dietetics Application Number, 2019 link here. This process requires you to have a campus-wide login, UBC student number, and UBC alumni email address. If you have not yet obtained these, as a first step, please apply to UBC to enter the BSc in Food Nutrition and Health (BSFN) Program.

Enter your Dietetics Applicant Number on the top right corner of every page of every document submitted as part of your application, and instruct your referees to do the same.

Dietetics Major application packages must be received at FNH Admin (2nd floor reception, Food Nutrition and Health Building) no later than 4pm PST on January 31st (if that day falls on a weekend, packages are due the Friday before).