Prerequisite Year Options

Prospective students may take year 1 and 2 prerequisite courses at UBC, or at a university or college that offers equivalent courses.

If you wish to take the prerequisite courses at UBC, apply to UBC to become an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Land & Food Systems, B.Sc. (Food Nutrition and Health) (BSFN) program. Dietetics prerequisites can be met by following year 1 and 2 of the Food, Nutrition and Health Major and making focused elective choices.

If you are a student in another UBC faculty, consult your faculty advisor for guidance on how to incorporate the dietetics prerequisites into your current program (note: students not in our faculty have lower registration priority for our faculty-specific courses).

If you are a transfer or previous degree student, we welcome your application as long as you meet our general eligibility and prerequisite course requirements.

In advance of applying, you are responsible for determining if your courses are equivalent to those required.  If your coursework is from BC institutions, refer to the BC Transfer Guide.  If your coursework is from out of province or if you have other course equivalency queries, you must contact the Land and Food Systems student advising office ( well in advance of applying. You may be required to contact some UBC departments to verify course equivalency, in which case written proof of equivalency must be submitted with your dietetics application.

Faculty-specific prerequisite courses are available online via UBC Access Studies.  See the Non-Degree Studies page for further information for applying to UBC as an Access Studies student.

It may be challenging for students to obtain all of the required courses at other institutions; therefore, many students choose to transfer to UBC for their second year of study prior to applying.

Please note: Transfer students may apply a maximum of 60 transfer credits towards their program.

In addition to attaining all of the program's prerequisite and program course requirements, students completing the Dietetics Major as a second degree must obtain a minimum of 73 new credits of UBC coursework while enrolled in program.  The majority of these credits will be from required upper level campus-based and internship courses.  This is in keeping with UBC’s second degree policy, which requires second degree students to satisfy at least 50% of the total credits required for the program while registered in the program.

Note that the standard program length is 3 years, regardless of previous courses a student has taken.