Internship 101


The UBC Dietetics integrated internship is a 10 month placement within a British Columbia Health Authority where interns are exposed to the various areas of Dietetics practice in order to gain entry level competence. This document has been compiled to convey key information to guide interns in their preparation for entering and navigating internship.

Interns are expected to have a certain level of foundational knowledge before beginning internship. The Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP) outlines this foundational knowledge. Interns achieve these competencies throughout internship and in required program courses prior to internship. Interns are responsible for reading the Role Delineation Summary document, a table of different internship-related activities (mostly administrative) indicating who is responsible for each, as well as becoming familiar with the ICDEP Internship Performance Indicator Review which indicates in which modules or professional practice courses each competency should be covered. Both documents can be found in the UBC Dietetics website open access online folder by clicking Internship Modules & Forms and selecting Overview Documents. Interns are also responsible for the key dates/tasks indicated in the UBC Dietetics Year 5 Internship Calendar.

Welcome to the Freakout Corner. Feeling overwhelmed and at a loss for what to do about it? Check out these Strategies for a Successful Internship, recognize all the support that is available to you, and read some words of wisdom from the experts on internship. If it's a question you can't find the answer to, search through the FAQ.

Support System

If feeling stressed or overwhelmed during internship, make good use of your support system.

  • Lean on your family and friends and reach out to your fellow dietetic interns first.
  • If you are having learning struggles, speak with your preceptor directly.
  • If you’re having problems with your preceptor, talk to them directly at an appropriate time and place as soon as possible to catch any misunderstandings or problems early on.
  • If problems can not be resolved, arrange a confidential meeting with your Core Site Internship Coordinator. They will help you navigate the through the situation.
  • If you’re having emotional distress, the best place to start is by talking to your preceptor and core site coordinator.
  • The Dietetics Program Leader and Dietetics Education Coordinator are also available for support.
  • UBC Counselling Services is also available to you for counselling in person if you are in Vancouver or Kelowna (UBCO).

What to Wear

Professional dress is articulated in UBC Policy 1.04 and interns are required to follow these guidelines as well as their Health Authority's guidelines. When in doubt ask!