Health Authority Placement Requirements

Requirements for All Health Authority Placements

To create a Learning Hub account:

  • Use your full, legal name and UBC Alumni email address. Make sure you know how to access this email address as you will receive a verification email after signing up.
  • Follow the instructions in the verification email to confirm and finalize your new Learning Hub account. Select "Student" account and your core site Health Authority from the menu of options. Note: If you already have a Learning Hub account as a volunteer or employee, create a new account with a student profile.
  • Once you have selected a “Student” account, complete your account profile. Fill out the required fields ONLY, with the following information:

Name – your legal first and last name

Student role – Dietetic Student

Student type – Undergraduate

Program of study – UBC Dietetics Program

NOTE: Due to UBC server firewalls, it may take several hours to receive the verification email in your inbox. It will arrive eventually - make sure to plan extra time for this, as you will need to verify your email address to finalize creation of your account. The verification email may also be flagged as [Potential Spam] by UBC servers; you can disregard this warning.

The Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO) is a requirement for all students to complete prior to starting the practice education year. SPECO contains several modules on various orientation topics. All modules are required to be completed, including additional topics linked within each SPECO module.

To complete the SPECO:

  1. Log into the Learning Hub to access the SPECO modules. Type "SPECO" into the search bar from the home page of your account.
  2. Complete all of the listed SPECO modules – you can complete the modules in more than one sitting. The system will keep a record of which modules you have completed.
  3. Complete the SPECO Orientation Checklist; link to the checklist is located on the "SPECO (curriculum)" homepage.
  4. Download and save your (1) Certificate of SPECO Completion, and (2) SPECO Orientation Checklist. Both are available from "My Courses", within your account.
  5. Email the completed  (1) SPECO Certificate of Completion and (2) SPECO Orientation Checklist to your Core Site Coordinator by the end of the first week of practice education.
    • If the checklist cannot be electronically filled in, email a scanned copy or photo of the completed checklist.

Additional Health Authority Requirements

These are requirements specific to each Health Authority, in addition to SPECO.

  • Review the information on the Orientation page, and complete the required orientation activities

  • Classroom Provincial Violence Prevention Training: Students are required to complete the 8-hour classroom Provincial Violence Prevention Training prior to starting their practice education at Interior Health. For 2019, students can sign up for a training session provided at any of the local health authorities through the Learning Hub. Please Note: the 8 Violence Prevention e-learning modules that are part of the Student Practice Education Core Orientation (SPECO) must be completed prior to this classroom training. Any questions can be directed to Katie Wilkie (
  • Review “Orientation for Student and Faculty” page and complete items 2 - 5 listed under “Prior to Placement”
  • Before September 9th:
    • Scan and email completed IH External User Access Agreement to your Site Coordinator
    • Review the Student Placement Administrative Policy AU1100 prior to commencement of your practice education placement(s).  Sections 3.21 and 3.22 not applicable. Associated Interior Health policies within AU 1100 should be reviewed.  These policies can be found on the Policies page and include, but are not limited to:
      • AR0400 Privacy & Management of Confidential Information
      • AR0450 Managing Privacy & Security Breaches / Violations
      • AR0500 Email &Text Messaging
      • AR0600 Internet Access Policy
      • AR0100 Acceptable Use of Information Systems
      • AV1300 Staff Influenza Immunization and Exclusion
      • AV0900Prevention and Management of Exposure to Communicable Diseases
      • AV1900 Respiratory Protection Program
      • AU0100 Standards of Conduct
      • AU1000 Workplace Environment
    • NOTE: CPR is not required

  • Information about Island Health placement requirements will be communicated by your site coordinators and the UBC Dietetics team
  • If you would like to do a placement at Island Health (and it is NOT your core site), contact the UBC Dietetics team

See the Student Practice page for more information.

  • Complete the online employee orientation (available from the site coordinator)
  • Complete the confidentiality form (available from the site coordinator)

If you are doing an elective placement, orientation requirements will be communicated by the Northern Health site coordinators or your preceptor

  • Complete the activities listed on the Orientation page, in the "Dietetics" section. See embedded links in this section to navigate to other required orientation activities

  • If Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) is your core site: Information about orientation requirements and deadlines will be communicated to you by the VCH site coordinators. IMPORTANT: deadlines to complete orientation activities are typically earlier (i.e. before the first day of year 5).
  • If you are doing an elective placement:
  • UBC-issued student photo identification and name badges must be worn at all times during placements with VCH