Additional Program Requirements

Once admitted to the program, students need to meet the following additional program requirements:

Year Specific Requirements

Upon Program Admission

As stated in the academic calendar, and in alignment with Dietetics Program Policy 1.18, all students must submit proof of health authority-required immunizations. In order to ensure all health authority guidelines and policies are met, all students, without exception, are required to have their immunization review completed through UBC Student Health Services.

The immunization review process requires students to:

  1. Read the Immunization Review Instructions. This is a detailed explanation of each step in the immunization review process.
  2. Complete the immunization review activities. Refer to the Immunization Review Instructions in step 1 above for full activity and deadline details. Highlights include:
    • May onwards: Start to locate your childhood and adult immunization records.
    • May/June: Book your TWO appointments with a nurse at UBC Student Health Services by the deadline stated in your admissions email.
    • Nov/early Dec: Attend your first appointment at UBC Student Health Services, and bring any required documentation (refer to the Immunization Review Instructions for list of required documents).
  3. Pay online for the immunization review and book the appointments by June 4th, 2021. In order to submit your payment, you will need the Dietetics Application Number (also known as dietetics PIN #) that was assigned to you. Note: Immunization appointments must be booked for November or early December. If you have a valid rationale for why you cannot complete it by this deadline (e.g. unable to travel due to Covid-19), please pay for your immunization review and email Tamar Kafka to inform of rationale.

All students offered admission to the Dietetics Major must complete a criminal record check (CRC) through the Province of BC's Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP). The deadline to submit the CRC application and associated fee will be specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants. Note: The program will receive the results of your CRC check directly from the CRRP at a later date. The stated deadline is for the CRC application and fee submission only. All admission offers are considered conditional until the program receives a satisfactory criminal records check. See program Policy 1.02 for more details.

All students must complete a new CRC, regardless of whether a CRC has been completed in the past. The CRC covers an individual for 5 years; therefore the CRC will be valid for students through all years of study in the program, including Year 5 Practice Education.

Instructions to complete an online CRC application

  1. Use the following link to access the Criminal Record Check application online:
  2. Read through the criteria on the main page to determine if you meet the requirements to proceed with an online application. If you meet the criteria, proceed to step 3 here. If you do not meet the listed criteria, refer to the information below for 'Individuals ineligible to complete an online CRC application'.
  3. Use the UBC Dietetics Program Access Code: LELE55LT5Y.
  4. Select “Request a New Criminal Record Check” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Fill out the Applicant Information section. For “Position with organization,” fill in “student”.
  6. Answer the personal security questions.
  7. You will then be directed to the payment page where you will be prompted to pay the non-refundable fee.

Individuals ineligible to complete an online CRC application

  1. If you could not complete the application online, but meet the eligibility criteria, please call the Criminal Records Review Program directly to confirm your eligibility. You might still be able to complete the application online.
  2. If you do not meet the listed criteria for an online CRC application or if the Criminal Records Review Program staff confirmed that you are not eligible, complete the following: Email Tamar Kafka to a) Arrange a time to complete the ID verification requirement (see details below) by Zoom and b) Request a copy of the Consent to a Criminal Record Check Cover Page and Form. Fill the form in electronically as follows:
      • Page 1: Consent To A Criminal Record Check Cover Page
        • SECTION 1: Leave blank, this will be completed by a Dietetics Program Team member when you hand the forms in to the UBC Dietetics Program (email attachment).
        • SECTION 2: Read and complete check list (the second point will be covered when you hand in your forms as noted above).
      • Page 2: Consent To A Criminal Record Check
        • Schedule Type: This section is already complete
        • Works With: This section is already complete
        • PART 1: Use your full legal name. Ensure your Birth Date is correct.
        • PART 2: This section is already complete.
        • PART 3: This section is already complete.
        • PART 4: Leave blank.
        • PART 5: Sign and date.
      • ID Verification Requirement: The program is required to verify two pieces of ID (one primary and one secondary) of each applicant against the consent form information. Information about which ID is acceptable can be found here: Identity Verification Before Criminal Records Review. Please use a Canadian driver's license if you have one.

3. Email your completed and signed Consent to a Criminal Record Check Cover Page and Form to Tamar Kafka

      • Fee payment: Please ensure your current email address is included on the form. You will be contacted via email by the Criminal Records Review Program for payment options.
      • Note: The original Consent to a Criminal Record Check form and ID must be RECEIVED by the date outlined in your admissions email.
      • Note: The UBC Dietetics Program will submit all completed and signed Consent to a Criminal Record Check Cover Page and Forms the week following the submission deadline. They will submit all forms in one package to

Further information about the Criminal Record Check can be found on the Province of BC website.

As part of the admissions requirements, all students are required to purchase UBC student accident insurance for the full length of the program upon admission to the Dietetics Major. Refer to program Policy 1.03 for details. This will cover students in the event of accidents in student activities in non-classroom settings. The deadline to submit the insurance fee will be specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants.

Instructions to Obtain Student Accident Insurance:

Pay the $21 ($7 per year for 3 years) non-refundable Student Accident Insurance fee online here, using your assigned Dietetics Application Number (also known as dietetics PIN#), by the deadline specified in the admissions offer email to successful applicants.

To ensure students receive program communications, students should notify the UBC Dietetics Education Coordinator, Tamar Kafka,, if they change any of their contact information.

For legal name changes, students need to update their legal name with UBC, as well as inform Dietetics Program staff.

Students are required to complete the Bullying and Harassment Module (Vancouver campus) upon program admission. This is a WorkSafeBC orientation that students must complete prior to their practice education placements. Certificates of completion should be emailed to the FNH Front Desk Assistant at, by the deadline specified in the admissions offer email.

All students in dietetics are required to obtain a FoodSafe Level 1 certificate prior to taking FNH 340 in Year 3 (offered in January, Term 2) and a FoodSafe Level 2 certificate prior to taking FNH 440 in Year 4 (offered in September, Term 1). FoodSafe Level 2 can be more difficult to access than FoodSafe Level 1, so make plans in advance to take it by the required date.

Several local community continuing education agencies offer these courses. Course information can be found at In past years, students have organized to take the classes together in order to share costs. You can find an instructor at

Year 4

To ensure students continue to receive program communications, students should notify the UBC Dietetics Program Assistant ( with any changes to their contact information.

For legal name changes, students need to update their legal name with UBC, as well as inform the Dietetics Program.

This is an annual activity that occurs in Year 4 of the program to match students to their practice education core site.  Student placement preferences are considered, but cannot be guaranteed. UBC Dietetics Major Policy 1.01 outlines the specific process for core site matching.

Interactive sessions are arranged in Year 4 to help students learn about the core sites and the matching process. Student attendance is highly recommended, but not required. UBC Dietetics staff will inform Year 4 students in the fall once the dates/times of these sessions have been confirmed.

In accordance with BC Health Authority requirements, all students must complete the following prior to commencing practice education:

(1) review 8 online Violence Prevention modules

(2) attend and pay for a facilitated Violence Prevention Zoom training session (1 day, approx. 8 hours)

(3) submit evidence of completion to the Dietetics Program

Online Modules

Follow the instructions to create a Learning Hub account. NOTE: this can only be done once you have been matched with your Core Site (in March 2021) and know which Health Authority you will be completing your practice education with.

In your Learning Hub account, search for "SPECO" to find the 8 Violence Prevention modules listed under "SPECO Curriculum". The online modules are free and must be completed prior to the Zoom training session.

Zoom Training Session

The date for the 2021 Violence Prevention Zoom training has been set for Saturday May 8, 2021 from 8:00-4:00pm (following exam period).

Students can register and pay the training session fee as follows:

To register: Use your Learning Hub account, and search for: 'PVPC - Classroom - Students'. On the course information page, register for the course section titled, 'UBC Dietetics PVPC Classroom Session'. Use passcode: UBCPVPC.  Alternatively, a direct link to the course will be emailed to you.
Note: the 8 modules listed for this course are the same  8 modules listed on the SPECO list, and will be updated across the system once you complete the modules. You need to register for both SPECO and the PVPC courses.

To pay: The cost of this course is $45 and can be paid for online. Payment link here

To attend your online session: use the Zoom link that will be emailed to you. You will need to have the Participant Toolkit han during the training session.

Submitting Evidence of Completion

Online Modules:

Once completed, you can view and download completion certificates from your Learning Hub account.

Save your completion certificates (as one file) as "Lastname.Firstname.Violence Prevention Modules.2022" (e.g. Lang.Michael.Violence Prevention Modules.2022) and email to Barb Wakal ( by Friday May 14, 2021.

Zoom Training Session:

An attendance list will be provided to the Dietetics Program from the training session facilitator. As long as you are registered to attend the session, and attend on the day, no further action is required.

Students are required to promptly report any new criminal offences to the Dietetics Program, which may have occurred since completing the Criminal Record Check at the time of program admission.

If students have no criminal offences to report, they will declare this on the Year 4 Requirements Checklist (details below).

Students must complete Food Safe Level 2 prior to the start of year 5 practice education, if they were not able to complete it prior to FNH 440. See detailed information above in the "Year 3" section on how to schedule a class.

Students will declare completion of Food Safe Level 2, on the Year 4 Requirements Checklist (details below).

Dietetics students in practice education are not required to have respirator mask fit testing completed until further notice. Please see memo from the Health Authority Practice Education Committee and updated memo from UBC Health for details.

The final step of the process to complete Year 4 Requirements is to submit the Year 4 Requirements Checklist, to verify completion of all year 4 activities. The checklist must be completed online and submitted by Friday May 14, 2021.