UBC Resources

UBC maintains several student websites with information regarding: financial aid, scholarship opportunities, housing and accommodation, student health, and job opportunities. 

Student loans

For student loans eligibility, students are required to be registered in a specific number of credits, which varies by program. Here is the information.  Students in Year 3, 4 and 5 are eligible for student loans and are encouraged to contact their ESP directly.


See the UBC Bursary Program page for information about how to apply.

Scholarships and Awards

See the Scholarships and Awards for Current Students page for more information on the scholarship opportunities.

Integrated Dietetics Internship Fee 

As a reminder, in addition to course tuition, students in the Dietetics Major are charged a dietetics internship fee each year they are in the program, as listed here.  This fee covers administrative costs associated with an integrated internship program.

Refer to the UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services website for more information about housing on campus and the Living Off Campus page for tips on finding housing off campus.

Student Services offers a variety of services to help you live well, feel good, and achieve your goals.

See the AMS Health and Dental Plan for further information on student benefits.

There are a few sites to refer to for student job opportunities.