Volunteer & Paid Positions

The Dietetics Major maintains an email list called the UBC Food, Nutrition & Health Volunteer Listserv. If you would like to receive emails related to food, nutrition, and/or dietetics you can subscribe to our student FNH volunteer Listserv.

Volunteer and paid positions submitted for the FNH Listserv will be screened for suitability, and sent to list subscribers weekly. Please note: You may receive several emails from the list on the same day, as postings are collected and sent to the list once per week.

Instructions for Posting a Job or Volunteer Position

  • If you have an opportunity related to food, nutrition, and/or dietetics that would be suitable for students, you can Submit a volunteer or job posting for the listserv by completing our online posting form.
  • All postings are collected and sent to the listserv together, once per week.
  • Please note: A posting will not be distributed to the listserv if it does not adhere with the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE), the federal Labour Laws and Human Rights standards, and/or if it is deemed unsuitable for students in Food, Nutrition, or Dietetics programs.
  • If an opportunity is better suited to students with other educational backgrounds, or if you wish to reach a wider student audience, you can submit a posting through UBC CareersOnline. Opportunities posted on UBC CareersOnline can only be accessed by current UBC students (log in required).
  • To ensure that your posting meets the required guidelines, please review the links below prior to submitting:
    Ethical Recruitment Guidelines: https://www.cacee.com/recruitment.html
    Unpaid Internships: https://www.cacee.com/CACEE_Statement_on_Unpaid_Internships.html

Additional Links