FEED Sessions for Preceptors

Each year, the UBC Dietetics Program holds smaller-scale teleconference sessions for module specific preceptors. We refer to these opportunities for continuing education and networking as “FEED sessions,” short for Forum for Enhanced Education and Discussion.

The sessions provide an opportunity to connect with other preceptors from around the province to facilitate sharing of successful teaching strategies, and to provide a forum to discuss approaches to common challenges that may be unique specific modules (i.e. Nutrition Care, Management, or Population and Public Health).

New, novice or experienced preceptors are all welcome!

Notifications and registration announcements are shared with the Preceptor Interest Group Listserv (subscribe here).

Upcoming FEED Sessions 2020-21

  • Unfortunately, the 2020-21 FEED Sessions have been put on hold.

Archive of Past FEED Sessions

You can find an archive of slides and audio from all past FEED sessions here.