Preceptor Interest Group Listserv

The Preceptor Interest Group Listserv is an email mailing list used by the UBC Dietetics Program to communicate with current and prospective preceptors in order to share information about:
  • Preceptor resources (i.e. handouts, videos, tools, articles)
  • Preceptor education events
  • General program updates and related information geared to dietetic preceptors and dietetic education in B.C.
To subscribe to the UBC Preceptor Interest List, follow these instructions (replacing your name where indicated):
  1. E-mail to:
  2. Put the following in the body of the message: Subscribe UBC-PRECEPTORS <yourFirstName> <yourLastName>
  3. A confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address asking you to confirm your subscription request. Confirm your subscription request by clicking on the first link in the body of the message.