Clinical Instructor Appointments

Dietitians who make significant and ongoing contributions to the UBC Dietetics Major through preceptor, practice education coordination or classroom teaching roles are eligible to apply for a UBC Clinical Instructor appointment with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems (LFS). These are non-paid Faculty appointments with UBC.

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To be eligible for a Clinical Instructor appointment, you cannot already hold a paid teaching appointment at UBC. Applicants must be registered with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.

As per Policy 1.05, you must meet at least one of, or an equivalent combination of, the following criteria over the past 12 months with the expectation of a continued role:

a) Core site coordinator or co-coordinator at a British Columbia health authority-based dietetic practice education site;

b) Preceptor: minimum of 3 weeks per year as primary or co-supervisor of a UBC practice education module experience, including responsibility for student evaluation (minimum of 2 years of ongoing involvement);

c) Classroom educator within campus courses and/or practice education: minimum 6 hours per year (minimum of 2 years of ongoing involvement)

A call for applications occurs in the spring of each year. Subscribe to the Preceptor Interest Group Listserv to ensure you receive a notice when new applications are being accepted.

To apply for a new Clinical Instructor appointment OR to renew your current appointment:

The 2021 application period is currently closed. The next opportunity to apply is spring 2022.

  1. Determine your eligibility (See "Am I eligible for an appointment?" above).
  2. Complete the applicable online application form, available at the link below:
    • Available spring 2022
  3. For both new and renewal appointments, prepare a UBC CV using the CV template and guidelines below. Email to the Dietetics Program Assistant at
    • Available spring 2022

  • Clinical Instructors are appointed for 3-year terms with an expectation of a continued role with the UBC Dietetics Program, as either a core site coordinator, preceptor, or classroom educator (see Policy 1.05)
  • All UBC Faculty are subject to all UBC Policies; you are responsible for familiarizing yourself and complying with the content of these policies.

In order to process a name change, UBC HR requires that you submit a scanned copy of your social insurance card to Melanie Train, LFS Faculty Liaison ( Please note that we cannot accept other pieces of identification (i.e., marriage certificate).

There are two places where you may wish to update your contact information to ensure you receive all UBC communications in a timely manner.

    • The UBC Dietetics Program maintains a Clinical Instructors listserv which uses your health authority email address. To update this at any time, please contact us directly.
    • The UBC HR system defaults to using a UBC email address as your primary email address. If you are unlikely to check this email account, you may wish to change this information by logging into your UBC CWL account. If you have not set up your CWL account, you can do so by contacting Melanie Train, LFS Faculty Liaison ( 

LFS Clinical Instructors are typically appointed for 3 years.

The spring before your appointment is reaching its expiry date, a UBC Dietetics team member will send you a reminder (to the email address we have on file for you). In order to maintain your appointment status, it is important to watch for this email, and take the necessary steps to apply for renewal in the spring. Please note that new appointments and renewals are approved once a year.