Welcome to the UBC Dietetics Major

Timothy Dietetics 2018

The Dietetics Major is a professional program designed to meet national accreditation standards for the dietetics profession. Dietitians have a variety of roles, including those in nutrition care, management, and population and public health.


To create a community of learners engaged in the development of critical knowledge, skills and attitudes for dietetic practice.


The UBC Dietetics Major uses an integrated, province-wide approach to prepare students for safe, effective and ethical entry-level dietetic practice.

Program Goals

  1. Meet Accreditation Standards for Dietetic Education Programs in Canada.
  2. Achieve excellence in learner-centred teaching and learning.
  3. Ensure program alignment with vision, mission and values of UBC and the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.
  4. Contribute dietetic education and program perspectives in professional initiatives.
  5. Work in partnership with key stakeholders.
  6. Ensure effective program operations.
  7. Ensure effective program communications.
  8. Undertake evaluation activities and program improvement initiatives.

Dietetics Major at a Glance

This summary document provides a brief overview of the profession and program.

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