We strongly advise you to map out your schedule of courses for the next two years, using the UBC course schedule and the degree requirement list available in the applicable academic calendar.  Although course schedules are subject to change, often they don’t change much from year to year so it is worthwhile to plan in advance.

Prior to registering for courses, refer to the Registration Troubleshooting information on our website.

Contact a dietetics advisor if you face course planning or registration challenges that you are unable to solve.

Throughout your time in the program, you should check your Degree Navigator (accessible via the Student Service Centre) to monitor progress towards meeting degree requirements. When viewing the Degree Navigator, make sure to select the degree requirements applicable when you entered the program.

If you notice any errors or omissions, contact a dietetics advisor.

If you are at risk for not meeting the academic continuation criteria for the Dietetics Major (for example, if you are likely to or have failed a required course), please arrange an appointment with a dietetics advisor as soon as possible to discuss potential solutions.

UBC provides a range of resources and services to help students live well, feel good and achieve success.

If you are facing health or personal issues with potential to impact your program participation, refer to the Dietetics Major Policies and Procedures.

The Dietitians of Canada website is an excellent source of information, as is the website of the College of Dietitians of British Columbia.

If you have questions about the profession that you are not able to find answers to, or if you are questioning your decision to enter the profession, feel free to contact a dietetics advisor.

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for using the links provided, contact the dietetics advisors for additional assistance.