Prospective Students

Students are eligible to apply to the Dietetics Major when they meet the general requirements and have completed the academic admission requirements.

Applicants will be scored based on the following application components:

  • Academic Performance
  • Cover letter & Resume
  • References
  • Interview (for short listed applicants only)

Entry is competitive with about 36 students accepted each year out of approximately 90-100 qualified applicants. Admission to the Dietetics Major is based on student’s interest in and suitability for the dietetics profession.

This area of the UBC Dietetics Program Website is designed to support students who are investigating and applying to the Dietetics Major. The menu on the left-hand side provides information on various topics of interest for prospective students.

Advice from Dietetics Students

Volunteer or job shadow with a dietitian to make sure that this career is the right one, and if it is, then do not give up and try your best with no regrets.

Practice answering interview questions at home so you are able to speak as confidently and genuinely as possible while conveying your desire to be in the program.

From the interview till the end of your first year it's common to feel as though ‘everyone else has so much more experience than me.’ Just remember that you were chosen because you have qualities that set yourself apart. You belong here because you bring something unique to the profession. Believe in yourself and you'll shine that much brighter as the days progress.

I really enjoy how everybody supports each other. Everybody is working toward the same common goal and you can really feel that 

Even though [Year 5 Practice Education] is challenging, I have enjoyed every challenge and I feel that I have learned a lot this year both professionally and personally. Every challenging situation was a great learning experience for me

One thing that I’ve learned from talking to dietitians is they never end up where they thought they would. Try to keep your options open, don’t go in with blinders on.